Cheers To Beers

Mother Earth BooKoo IPA

February 1, 2018

Waddup beer nerds we're back with a full length 'sode for ya! This episode was recorded in San Diego with my two closest friends from college (UCSB go gauchos), Bianca and Amanda. We are drinking the BooKoo IPA from Mother Earth in Vista, CA. Although this episode is less beer-centric and more telling crazy stories from college (please don't judge me for all the vodka I drank), it feels like a sleepover and who doesn't love reminiscing with their friends? Take off your bra, put on yoga pants, and join me and my girls as we share a beer and embarrassing stories. 

In this episode we talk Amanda's bachelorette party, nightmare roommate situations, and we have an existential crisis over about the evolution of social media. Grab a beer and join us! Cheers!