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The Art of Beer 2 ft. Ryan Williams

The Art of Beer 2 ft. Ryan Williams

March 18, 2020

The Art of Beer is an on going series where I drink and chat with artists who work with breweries. 

For The Art of Beer 2 I'm joined by Ryan Williams, the artist from Holy Mountain Brewing in Seattle, WA.

Ryan Williams: @spiritofgoodliving

And we are drinking the Samiclaus Doppelbock and Fort George Cathedral Tree Pilsner.
Mysticism in the artistic process, his work with Holy Mountain, the transition as an artist from graphic design to illustration, and I can't resist a little baseball talk. Grab whatever's in your fridge because shelter-in-place people! Cheers!



Our Friend Brett ft. Ken Sorensen

Our Friend Brett ft. Ken Sorensen

February 28, 2020

This 'sode I'm joined by head brewer of Standard Brewing, Ken(do) Sorensen and we're talking all about Brett(anomyces)! We are drinking Old Money from Standard and the OG of the OGs, Orval. 

We're talking the "cross-section of magic and science", a new hop varietal, "Northgate Goldings", the homogenization of American beer, and more from the wine vs beer debate. Grab some Orval and join us! Cheers! 

Big Ass Whales

Big Ass Whales

February 4, 2020
In this episode Jess and Shawna line up 4 different barrel aged big bois and test out how they've aged, whether or not they're good, and approximate why.
Goose Island: Bourbon County Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout  2015
Fremont Brewing: Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout 2017
Reuben's Brews: Three Ryes Men Rye and Bourbon Barrel Aged Rye Wine 2017
Georgetown Brewing: Tombourbon Barrel Aged Brown Ale 2019
Also we call 1-800-GOOSEME, Jess can't remember what waxing is, and Alaska Airlines, if you're listening, and I know you are, sponsor us.
The Chemistry of Beer Aging: A Critical Review
Barrel Aged Stout and Selling Out by Josh Noel
The Art of Beer 1 ft. Connor McPherson

The Art of Beer 1 ft. Connor McPherson

December 31, 2019
Welcome to a new Cheers to Beers series called The Art of Beer where I’m chatting with artists who work with breweries. This episode I'm joined by Connor McPherson of Aslan Brewing Company who has done their murals at all three locations and the specialty bottle labels. 
We get into how his travels have inspired his work, the persistence of an independent artist, and anime club. Grab a doppelbock and join us for the final episode of 2019! 
Half Pint 5 - Why Do We Care About the Process?

Half Pint 5 - Why Do We Care About the Process?

December 5, 2019
Sheet cake stouts, who we were in high school, and fuck the patriarchy aka your aunties get drunk on saisons.
PLUS - Letting go of the ego as a brewer and creator and how do you define success? Is it monetary? Is it creativity? Is it internet clout??
Also never plugged my instagram in the intro: @jessjessbeer
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Super Ultramega Hyperforce feat. Libby Borchert

Super Ultramega Hyperforce feat. Libby Borchert

November 19, 2019

We're back at The Masonry drinking Jester King! I'm joined by founder of Drunk Herstory and overall badass beer lady, Libby Borchert. Aaaaand we decided to get a whole magnum of farmhouse delight. In this ep we're talking about pineapple and jalapeno pizza, disrupting the 3 tier system, and encouraging women to be active in their local beer scene. 

Grab a beer and drink along! Cheers!

Spice Girls: The Pumpkin Ale Episode

Spice Girls: The Pumpkin Ale Episode

October 30, 2019

Shawna and I drink all the pumpkin beers so you don’t have to. You’re welcome. Plus: the American history of gourds, a lost rural Californian language, and how far can we throw a pumpkin?!

The beers we cover:

1. Dogfish Head Punkin’ Ale

2. Elysian Night Owl

3. Dorchester Brewing / Abomination Brewing Hop Roulette

4. Anderson Valley Fall Hornin’

5. Pfriem Pumpkin Bier

Check out @sam_hiemer for more spooky art like the hop label on Hop Roulette

Give a listen to Jess on @tunesandtumblers

Half Pint 4 - Beer with Wine Grapes and Wine without Grapes

Half Pint 4 - Beer with Wine Grapes and Wine without Grapes

October 17, 2019
Welcome to another Half Pint 'sode with Shawna Cormier
We're delving into fermented fruit juice, secondary fermentation with fruit, non grape wine, and beer fermented with wine grapes. We're drinking and comparing a blueberry wine from Oyster River Wine Growers and the Viognier from Floodland Brewing and Kobayashi Winery.
What tasting notes and pontifications do we come up with? Bust open a weird beer-wine-cider Frankensteinien bottle and find out!
For more natural wine info and facts follow @marissaross and @winefolly
And for all the fun native yeast and wild beer follow @floodlandbrewing
Live! From Pilsnerfest 2019

Live! From Pilsnerfest 2019

October 8, 2019

We are live on the scene of Pilsnerfest 2019 where the sun is shining, the pilsners are slamming, and there ain't a single IPA in sight. Follow Shawna and I as we interview some characters (including the CEO) on a groundbreaking new game: "16 CanDolls", shitty SoCal lagers, Pilsner recipes, and our Grandfather Randy Mosher. Grab a pilsner and join in on a speciality live episode. Cheers! 

Wild Boiz (ft. Beachwood Blendery and Upright Brewing)

Wild Boiz (ft. Beachwood Blendery and Upright Brewing)

September 9, 2019

This episode is all about wild beers! I'm joined by Jeremy Rodriguez and Matt C. to talk Beachwood Blendery and Upright Brewing. We talk wine and beer crossovers, Lambic vs Methode Traditionnelle, is brett actually wild, and beer aged on crystals and Wu Tang, and the trials and tribulations that is working with wild yeast. As Matt says "The target is never where you want it". Grab a wild saison or sour and join us!  

The Unabridged List of Matt's Shoutouts: 

Jeff Alworth and his article on Lambic beer:
Trevor Roger (deGarde Brewing)
Lauren Salazar (New Belgium)
Paul Arney (Ale Apothecary)
Chad ???
Ryan Fields (of Beachwood Blendery and now Wild Fields and Jeremy's mentor)
Brett Trey (sp?)
Harrison McCabe (current Barrel Master at Beachwood Blendery)
Alex Ganum (Upright Brewing)
Adam Paysse (Floodland Brewing)